Why Accountability Is Key


Written by: Heather Gerrish, RD

Why Accountability is Key

What helps make you accountable? Is it your family? Environment? The support of friends and family? Being in a group of fantastic girls who all want to see each other succeed? (If not any of the points before, definitely the last one! I’m talking to you, TLAG Team!)

If you have struggled in the past with accountability, or “staying on track,” this is for you. We make decisions all day, every day - but it’s what we choose that puts us ahead or can set us back in terms of reaching our goals. So why is this analogy so simple, but actually making good choices so difficult? That’s where the TLAG team comes in. This group is not only to show your progress and post your success, but also show your support of other members working towards their own personal goals.

This term not only applies to nutrition and ensuring that you are staying on track with your personal goals, but applies to ALL of your goals. Nutrition, physical goals, mental goals and so much more.

Walk the Walk and Talk the Talk

It’s important to state your goals and how you are going to reach them, but also keep in mind that being accountable includes the action behind these words. Being realistic in your goals, but also making progress, is important to consider when determining your next path and next list of goals to accomplish. You need to check in with yourself and come to terms with not only WHAT you plan to do, but HOW you are going to do it and WHY these goals are important to you. Keeping your WHY close at all times (writing it down, screenshot a picture, or have something to remind you of this on a daily basis) is vital in keeping you on track and looking towards your long term goals and WHY all of your effort is worth it!

We want you to be successful and have expertly designed this program to do just that, but you actually have done the hardest part already. Making the move, the first step - the big change, to become a part of this group. (If not, what are you waiting for!? Join our team here!) Now it’s time to reach back in to your pocket and pull out that motivation and apply what you have learned towards making some major strides towards reaching  your goals and supporting your WHY.

You ultimately make the decisions that will lead you to your goals. We are here to support this change, facilitate healthy lifestyles and help guide you in the right direction, but if you do not hold yourself accountable to your personal goals and your WHY, we can’t make this happen for you. YOU need to be part of your WHY. YOU are accountable for your goals and YOU can make this happen! Together we can support each other and come together when struggles arise, challenges become apparent and barriers to success strike us down on the road to success but the beauty of this group is that we have each other, all day every day to voice these concerns and take action towards creating a healthy lifestyle.

Tips to Practice Accountability:

  • Face your WHY every day. Maybe that is a photo of your family, a personal goal written down, something that is the basis of WHY you are making these changes in your life. Remind yourself every day of your WHY and keep it close!

  • Be upfront and transparent with your support group. Challenges arise, but that doesn’t mean you have to face them alone. Use the TLAG group to navigate around those barriers and face the challenges you see. We are here to support each other, but we can’t always see another person’s struggle or feel what they are feeling. That’s why it’s important to check in and participate in discussions. You could end up helping a group member, or you could receive help in a barrier you have been facing.

  • Take responsibility for your goals and create a plan of action so that you can achieve them. Many people use SMART goals as a template to help keep them accountable  (also from the post for this week!):


Specific - Detail, detail, detail! Explain it like you are teaching a concept to someone for the first time, like a recipe. I want to know what you are going to do!

Measurable - This is key for accountability. How will you know when you have met your goal? What is the measure; the variable? Pounds lost or gained, seconds to a handstand, etc.

Attainable - Is this something you feel confident in pursuing? Is it reasonable? Do your steps make sense to achieving this goal?

Relevant - Is this related to your WHY?

Time-bound - Set a time goal for yourself, you are going to do ____ for ____ amount of time or within a certain time frame. This supports accountability due to the fact you are monitoring how long or how often you are choosing to work on this goal.

If you approach your goals and think back to your WHY as you navigate further the road to a healthier you, accountability will follow. Remember to check in with yourself and follow through with all of the progress you have made, we are here to help!


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