How To Be Your Own Best Friend


Written by: Heather Gerrish, RD

Interesting concept to consider:

How exactly do you become your own best friend?

It starts with giving yourself a break. A break for trying, failing, succeeding and overcoming. A break for being human and making mistakes. A break for helping others through their struggles as you go through your own. A break for pursuing your dreams. A break for changing your mind. A break for thinking about you and your health. A BREAK FOR YOU.

After this step, think about where you are and how you got here. You have made some major changes, like BIG CHANGES. That is no small feat to overlook, and nothing to think lightly of. You deserve this.

You have stood tall (or maybe felt small) in countless circumstances that have changed you, pushed you and inspired you to become the person you are today. That person deserves a someone to rely on and reflect with, that person deserves a best friend. What better person could know you as well as you know yourself? Who else understands your journey and dreams as well as you do - that’s right. YOU DO!

Becoming your best friend is a little odd to think about, but it really means that you are considering your decisions and choices as they benefit and push you towards the best version of you. What would you tell a friend if that person was in the mirror, facing you with the same question? Would you encourage them, push them and help inspire them to reach for more and tell them to be kind to themselves in the process? Probably - YES!

If you don’t treat yourself like your best friend then who is that person looking back at you? Is that person encouraging you? Are they pushing you to follow your dreams and continue to make big changes in your life and your health? If they are not doing this, them maybe consider what it would be like to be your own best friend. It doesn’t sound as crazy now...right?

Being your best friend can take some time, forgiveness and a lot of LOVE! Knowing that health is a journey and finding your routine and treating your body with respect is much different than the constant influence of society telling us one thing or another that we all are exposed to in our day to day world. Finding peace with your mind and body is HARD, but in this process finding yourself as your best friend can help along the way. These changes are not short term, you are focusing on long term, sustainable changes that you can take with you for the rest of your life. Having a best friend (yourself!) couldn't hurt along the way.

Danielle Gray