New Year's Resolutions: A Time To Reflect


Written by: Heather Gerrish, RD

What has this year meant to you? What have you done differently that has changed your path, or maybe helped you to focus on the same road to your goals?

It’s important to not only look ahead at what you hope to strive for and achieve, but also what you have accomplished. Nothing is too small to celebrate and no one task is to big to dream of. You all have put in WORK to get here, so celebrate a little! A year is a long time to focus hard and reach your goals. You deserve some recognition for putting in the effort to make you, your lifestyle and your habits healthier and more sustainable long term! That’s what life is about. Strangely, nothing will really stay the same - we adapt, grow and develop throughout our entire lives but it’s up to you to direct your path and chose what you chose to follow.

As we enter the New Year take a moment to reflect:

  • How have you made time for yourself this year? Has it been through changing habits? Listening to your body more? Taking time to do the things you love?

  • How have you made time for others - your friends, family, community?

  • What are things you hope to continue working on in the New Year?


Making a resolution does not have to be a major life changing event, or it could be - it’s really up to you and what you see as the task that will impact you or others in a positive way. No goal is too small or too large because in the end it matters to YOU and that is what is important.

Now, entering into the New Year with a fresh start, energized and ready to set goals to look forward to for the entirety of 2019 - What are you hoping to work on this year? What have you declared in 2018 that you will continue to fight for and focus on? Goals don’t leave us - they inspire us to grow further!

It’s also important to note that with each goal you have - think about your plan to achieve them. Just like mapping out a road to get to your destination, you need a map, plan and  guidance to get to your end goals. Don’t be afraid to comment, post, interact with the group as you develop your goals and alter prior goals to fit with your new ones - we are all in this together and it’s important that we rely on each other to find success and support on this journey!

So after reading and thinking about this post, what are some of your goals this New Year?

  • Maintain a healthy lifestyle?

  • Reach a healthy weight?

  • Achieve a certain gymnastics skill?

  • Become more active and involved in fitness?

  • Practice implementing focused nutrition and making healthier food choices?

Whatever your main goals for 2019 are, don’t be afraid to reach for things that might seem intimidating or out of reach, because this time next year you will be thanking yourself for taking the leap and deciding to focus on the things that matter most to you.

Danielle Gray