About Danielle


Danielle began gymnastics when she was four years old and quickly progressed through the class program and began competing on the Junior Olympic team. She trained and competed averaging 20 hours a week until she was 15 years old. She took a break from gymnastics and ventured into acting and dancing.

Acting provides a level of self-awareness that not many other professions can provide. After pursuing that for a few years, she realized how much she missed the sport she grew up with. She revisited the world of gymnastics by earning her judging credentials and coaching for the gym at which she used to train, working for her former coach.

Once she began college at the University of Southern California, she dedicated one to two units per semester to a physical education course to motivate herself to stay active with a busy schedule. She knew it had to be scheduled into her courses, or else she wouldn’t make the time for it. Those classes ranged from yoga, to stress management, to self-defense and MMA, to physical conditioning and weight training.

During her junior year, she discovered the world of pole and aerial arts. This developed her upper body strength, which she had never fully developed when she was a competitive gymnast. She trained recreationally for a few years and then decided to compete in 2015 and placed at both regional and national competitions. That earned her the opportunity to become a professional athlete in the sport of pole fitness. Training in all of these athletic backgrounds gave her a well-rounded approach to how she believes physical fitness should be approached and she want to share with a global community.