How to Maintain Motivation Through Change

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Written By: Heather Gerrish, MS, RDN

With seasons changing and the year moving forward at lighting speed - how can you keep your healthy habits and motivation moving forward?

We will go over a few practices that you might find useful as you tackle the Fall and changing Seasons. Change can be difficult, and even more so when you finally have found your routine and things are going well, but life is not about staying in one place - there is movement and transition all over! It’s how you adapt and mange this change that can keep you moving towards your goals long term.

What are you most excited about this Fall? Are you excited for the leaves to change? Maybe some colder, cozier weather? Maybe you’re not excited - maybe a little afraid of change? That’s ok! Change is a part of life and it happens all around us - it’s what we do with change that impacts our life (even if we ignore it!) and how we tackle surprises that can influence our decisions and decisions about our health.

One thing to keep in mind as the season changes is to keep moving forward - towards your goals, ambitions and dreams even if a change does arise (and note: not all change is bad!)

  1. Think about how this change will impact your routine. What are the positives? Negatives?

  2. How will you manage this change in your current lifestyle, will you need to modify or change your current setup? If no change is required, how else will this change impact you? (Feelings, emotions)

  3. What are some tools that you course use, or resources that you could reach out to if you are feeling overwhelmed or need help with this change? (Friends, family, team members, coaches). 

Now, going back to the first few questions of this blog:

How do you feel about any anticipated changes coming up in your life?

How could you make these changes into positive experiences that help you progress towards your goals related to health and nutrition?

How can you re-frame your mindset to think of change as a way to challenge and propel you towards your goals instead of being afraid of change? (If this is the case)? 

If you are feeling stuck, or don’t know where to start - below are some ideas to help manage change:

  • Be aware of your mindset going in. How are you feeling (unrelated to the news of something changing in your life? How could you re-frame your thinking to enter into this change with a positive mindset?

  • Plan ahead as much as you can and focus on what YOU have an impact on. We cannot be in control of everyone and everything in our lives, but something that you can be in control YOU! What are you doing to make sure you are set up for success and planning ahead as much as you can to help ease a future transition/change? 

  • Ask for help. Reach out to your support group and ask for help as well as be there for others if needed. Remember, no one has to go through tough times or unanticipated change/stress/all of the above alone! Rely on your network and team members to help support you through life transitions. 

Now, looking ahead and thinking about this change of Season - what are your action items to help to manage and maintain your motivation? When in doubt, refer back to this blog periodically for inspiration or insight on how you could change up or support your current routine to keep things moving!

Heather Gerrish