Nutrition Update: Where to Look for Help!


With our resources expanding, establishing a reference document with all of the topics, blogs, questions and answers covered over the last few months is to make sure that when you have a question you can not only access what we discussed on these blogs, but have a starting point to research more! Below are all of the blogs (and links!) with a short description with key words to make your search a little faster and they are categorized and bunched in similar topics. We plan to produce a reference like document (like this one!) periodically so that we can best support and foster learning and growth with nutrition education and related topics discussed weekly at TLAG.

So, what are you waiting for? Review away! (And as always, consult with a medical professional before implementing any changes to your routine or diet).


Nutrition Basics

What are Micro & Macronutrients? - introduction to micro and macronutrients, quick facts 

Gut Health Explained - intro to the gastrointestinal system, important players and a bit about metabolism 

What is Carb Counting? - defines carb counting, how to calculate and provides printable worksheet to practice new skill

How to Hit Your Macros - step by step, examples on how to hit your macros 

Gut Health Explained - intro to the gastrointestinal system, important players and a bit about metabolism 

Food Intolerance 101 - what is a food intolerance (overview vs. allergy)

Lean, Mean, Protein - label reading, portion sizes, tips to increase protein intake

Identifying Nutrition Myths - how to research fact from fiction in the world of nutrition 

Are You a Yo-Yo Dieter? - how to identify yo-yo dieting/cycle, focus on sustainability/maintaining a healthy relationship with your nutrition practice

How to Get Enough Protein While Following a Vegetarian Diet - vegetarian protein options, variety, what to watch for and monitor

Celebration/Holiday Meals

Holiday Nutrition Tips (Winter) - holiday meal plan, prep, planning ahead

Healthy Substitutes for Traditional Holiday Meals - sustainable enjoyment, food and flavor 

New Years Resolution: A Time to Reflect - New Year’s resolutions, heath, happiness

Super (Healthy) Snacks for the Super Bowl - healthy snacks, healthy snacks for parties

Eating Healthy on Vacation - planning for eating on the go (car, plane, travel to out of State)

How to Host a Healthy Summer Event - healthy summer recipes, ideas for menu inspiration, food safety, menu planning 

Emotional Connection to Food/Nutrition

Why Accountability is Key - smart goals, success

What Emotions do you Associate with Food? - how to recognize hunger (hormones), includes TED talk video for review of topic

Our Relationship with Food - what to watch for, eating disorder discussion/resources for further information and contact for help

How to Transform Your Diet One Step at a Time - step by step guide on how to look at your nutrition practice in a different light with an example case study

Formulating your Nutrition Practice

Calorie Tracking vs. Calorie Awareness - tracking, nutrition practice, sustainability 

Meal Planning Tips, Tricks and Recipes - TLAG recipes, how to meal prep, tips 

Healthy Eating on the Go - easy snack recipes, how to plan/prepare healthy snacks

Finding Balance - fueling, sustainability

Pre and Post Workout Fueling - how to prep, what to include and why pre and post workout fueling is important 

How to Make Healthy Choices While Eating Out - how to pick a healthy meal on the go, what to look for, ideas and tips

Can you Out-Exercise a Bad Diet? - importance of balance (both nutrition and exercise)

Do Ultra-processed Foods Cause Weight Gain - overview of recent nutrition publication from NIH regarding ultra-processed foods in relation to participant weight gain vs. “healthy diet” 

Having Fun with Flavor - recipe ideas, changing things up, new flavor combos and dishes 

Carb Swaps! - managing macros, having fun with flavor swaps, new ideas for carbohydrate swaps

*Stay tuned for weekly blogs and nutrition updates and don’t be afraid to reach out with questions/concerns and comments!

Heather Gerrish